Offset – Father of 4 | 2019 Free Album Zip Download

Offset - Father of 4 | 2019 Free Album Zip Download

Offset - Father of 4 | 2019 Free Album Zip Download

Offset – Father of 4 | 2019 Free Album Zip Download

Migos rapper, Offset has now dropped his long-awaited debut album not long ago, the new album is named Father of 4, the album is rumored to be a departure from his project with the rap group Migos, and Father of 4 was preceded by the single “Red Room.”

Father of 4 was released as at 9 p.m. PT on Thursday (February 21) or maybe, midnight ET on Friday (February 22), time zones are the determining factor. Below, we have filed out list of all the platforms where you can  download the album and be sure they will still come even if it’ not there now.

Apple Music


Depending on the standard release time for Spotify, Offset’s album, Father of 4 will also be made available to mostly stream on the platform. If you don’t own a Spotify account, you can get your for free here and you will need to pay just 0.99 from the first month to the third month of usage.


Offset’s new album Father Of 4, will also be available to be streamed or downloaded on Tidal. The streaming platform gives a free 30-day trial with Tidal Premium, it gives access to high quality music videos and very well curated curated playlists.

Father Of 4 Preview

Offset initially teased the coming of Father of 4 in December, but because of some setbacks, the album did’t show up. Offset’s label Quality Control dropped a video trailer for the album during the Grammy Awards, and then it was confirmed the official date  scheduled for it’s release was February 22. See above.

In an short interview with Esquire, The Migos rapper spoke on the themes of the album, he talked on why he decided to take his work in a more reflective, personal manner than it usually is with the Migos crew.

He said; “I cried to myself while I was doing this album ’cause I was talking about my story and my kids,” “When I did a song, I started getting memories of my grandma, my struggles, my partner that was killed, the thoughts I had while I was incarcerated, and my kids’ faces were there in my head. I love my kids, this is who I do it for.”

Having said that, the rapper who is known for his braggadocios rhymes ans style did promise his fans that Father of 4 will be a balanced of content.

He revealed; “You can get too personal in the music, but n**gas know not to do that,” “You have to put it on a platter where people understand, because people go through it. I’m just trying to make relatable music at the end of the day.”

The album’s official tracklist is already out, the Offset’s album has n it around fourteen tracks, and feature an wonderful list of guest features.

The album production for Father of 4 will be mainly handled by longtime friends, Southside and Metro Boomin.

F**k all that stream sh*t because I don’t do music for money. It’s my heart,” Offset explained. “This is what I believe in. It’s my creativity and I do it for the people.”

Offset – Father of 4 | 2019 Free Album Zip Download